Facilitation & Team Building

HB Consulting will help you and your team avoid some team/committee complexes that can and do inhibit collective performance, and sometimes cause failure. 

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A team complex is a team dynamic, a hidden force, that operates within a team. Whilst some team dynamics can help team performance, a team complex is a potential dysfunction. It can prevent a team from adopting, from responding appropriately to certain situations.

Performing well together

  • A team is a group of people who are collectively responsible for achieving a shared goal.  
  • Teams can be led or self-managing.  If one member fails then it can hinder the achievement of the collective goal. If the members do not support the leader, then the task can fail. 
  • Even if the members fulfill their individual roles but they don’t work synergistically or collaboratively, then they may not fulfill their potential or achieve as much as they could.
  • The most important foundation you can lay, when building better collective performance, is that of common understanding, commitment to the shared goal, and agreement on how to work together.

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