1.  Take EVERYTHING out

2.  Get 4 piles labeled KEEP, STORE, GIVE, THROW

3. Start Sorting your stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, socks, tights, underwear, belts, hangars)

•    ONLY keep the things that make you feel good and fit the image you want to project.

•    DON’T keep things because they were gifts, they are expensive, or you haven’t used them.

•    As you put the KEEP pile back in your wardrobe, ask yourself the following questions:

KEEP if you answer YES

•    Do I love this item?

•    Does it fit me?

•    Do I wear it?

•    Does it project the image I want to project?

•    Would I buy it today?

•    Would I buy it today if it wasn’t on sale?

This applies to shelves, cabinets and papers too.

GIVE AWAY if you answer YES

•    Will it make someone else happy/happier?

•    Does it need to be replaced with something newer?

•    Is it stained or damaged?

•    Does it itch or scratch

•    Does it pinch my toes?

•    Are the heels to high to walk in?


1. Clear your computer DESKTOP every week. Sweep everything into one folder then sort through it, file and trash accordingly.

2. Use BROWSER apps like Tab Killer, OneTab to limit the number of open windows

3. Tame your EMAIL inbox by creating folders for work, personal, services/bills. Delete emails you no longer need. Flag or Star emails you need to get back to. Archive all messages over a year old (you can retrieve them if ever needed).

4. Use unroll.me to UNSUBSCRIBE from unwanted email lists at one go. I found 98 in just one account!

5. Keep up with emails and ALERTS. Reply immediately. Don’t put it off. Then delete or archive. Assign time to work through your emails and start with your ‘flagged’ messages. Use a filter for VIP messages from important senders – no need to search for them.

6. Manage your FACEBOOK friends to stop receiving newsfeeds from mere acquaintances who post a lot. Click on Friends or Birthday and unfriend or move them from friends to acquaintances.

7. Tag your LINKEDIN contacts to prioritise them. Use Manageflitter to manage your twitter followers. Say no to push notifications from apps

8. Use the CLOUD to unclutter your device memory. Select upload to dropbox or other cloud accounts like google drive, iCloud for pictures and documents

9. Use a PASSWORD manager like LASTPASS to create and manage all the different passwords. Don’t use the same ones for everything.

10. DISCONNECT from the internet on your computer or phone ONE DAY A WEEK to decompress from the bombardment!!

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