We have a range of courses ranging from 2 hours to 3 days that aim to facilitate the process of personal development.

Please contact the HBC offices for more detail on each course and to register:

1. Career Series 2-hour after-work seminars

2. Soft skills 1-day training courses

3. Supervisory skills - 2-3 day training courses

4. Professional Development 1-3 day training courses



Our courses are offered in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Accra

All logistics and travel costs (as appropriate) borne by the client



Career Series (2 hour sessions)

1.     Business Writing

2.     Business Etiquette

3.     Speaking with Confidence

4.     Mastering Yourself – Self awareness & emotional intelligence

5.     Getting ahead in a man’s world  – Gender dynamics

6.     Work-Life Balance – satisfaction & stress management

7.     Financial Health Clinic (mini)

8.     Marketing yourself – Getting yourself promoted


Soft Skills Training (1 day)

·       Time Management / Being Organised

·       Business Etiquette

·       Work-Life Balance & Stress Management

·       ICT & Presentation Skills

·       Personal Presentation and Image Management

·       Personal Motivation

·       Work Ethics and Values

·       Interviewing skills

·       Giving and receiving feedback


Supervisory Skills (2-3 days)

·       People management (3 days)

·       Supervisory Skills (2 days)

·       Supervisory Skills & Delegation

·       Managing for performance (2days)

·       Management / Leadership Style

·       Teamwork & teambuilding

·       Change Management (2 days)

·       Intercultural Communication (2 days)

·       Intercultural Project Management (3 days)


Professional Development (1-3 days)

·       Advanced Facilitation & Team Building

·       Business Writing & Presentation Skills

·       Technical Writing & Presentation Skills

·       Diversity & Inclusion Awareness and Skills

·       Diversity Training for Leaders and HR

·       Public Speaking & Command of English

·       Career Development for Professional Women & Minorities

·       Working effectively in a multicultural work and multi-lingual environment

·       Financial Health Clinic – Financial Literacy Training & Personal Financial Planning

·       Finance for Advocacy / Fundraising Skills

·       Effective Advocacy



Skilled Facilitation of Teambuilding, Strategy & Restructuring Workshops,  & Conferences

Fees: ₦250k / $1,800 day per consultant.  Preparation & report writing - ₦150k/ $1000 per day


Advanced Facilitation Skills

You are an instructor with strong skills, and now you're looking for more! Take your technique to the next level of facilitation. Develop your awareness and skills in managing the learning environment and facilitating learner-centred activities. Polish your questioning techniques, building on your current experience with interactive presentation. Gain insight into group dynamics and identify your preferred instructional style. Get plenty of hands-on practice facilitating a session on a training-related topic and increase the knowledge of the group on the particular topic.

Team Building Skills

"It's easy to get the players; it's getting them to play together that's the tough part".

Most team training courses are on the mechanics of effective teams - problem solving, meeting skills, and decision-making. Although these skills are critical to team building success, they ignore a major issue for all teams - how to interact with each other. To work together, team members must develop their interactive, communication, and interpersonal skills. This workshop focuses on six crucial interpersonal skills that team members must have if they are to function as a high performance work force.


Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Define feedback and the effects of inefficient feedback on relationships and productivity
  • Establish the benefits of effective feedback for supervisors, staff, and organisations
  • Recognise & Learn innefective types of feedback and the characteristics of effective feedback
  • Learn view feedback as a gift yet keep feedback in perspective


Speaking with confidence

Understanding ourselves and the society in which we live, through an examination of contemporary social issues.

The course is designed to improve oral communication skills in both interpersonal and public speaking contexts which will sharpen our critical thinking skills.

As well, we will learn strategies for effective oral presentations, learn about the impact of non-verbal aspects of communication, and enhance listening and evaluation.


Intercultural Project Management

Project Managers have to manage project teams made up of people from different nationalities, ethnic groups, and backgrounds. They therefore require addittional skills in managing project teams across cultures. If you have been involved in major projects, you know that it takes detailed planning, time and tremendous effort to even come close to delivering project results on time and withing budget. Even in an environment where everyone has the same cultural background and attitude to labour relations, problem-solving, decision-making, use of time etc...

Intercultural Project Management lowers the increased risk posed by complexity of collaborating with people from different cultures and value systems, and reduces the time required to achieve results.


Career Development for Professional Women

Whatever situation or point in your life or career that you may be in now, you alone have to discover the opportunities and decide on the career path that you may want to in the long run, from where you're at now. This is a major contributor to career success and a factor that women fail woefully at. At the end of the day, you alone are responsible for making decisions that actualise your career potential. You need to plan and prepare for it.

Careers Development for Professional Women has been designed to clarify and audit your values, talents, skills, knowledge etc. - just about everything you need to know about yourself off on the right foot, define your future contributions to your organization and to perform your level best.

Attend the course and return to your workplace with a renewed sense of direction and confidence to take things further, create win-win situations that will benefit both you and your organization. Diversity Awareness & Skills

To provide participants with a learning environment in which they can:

  • Develop an informed and sensitive approach to diversity
  • Increase their level of self awareness
  • Value an open practice based on knowledge and learning rather than assumptions and stereotypes
  • Ensure that their work practice is both ethically sensitive and anti-racist
  • Develop the skills and confidence to become a force for positive change within the work environment


People Management

Everyone who works in an organisation has experience of and opinions on what makes an effective manager. The challenges for managers today include meeting exacting requirements set by the organisation, working with a faster pace of change, within the context of flatter more fluid organisational structures.

Therefore, managers need to make the most of their valuable resource, the people they manage. This course will be useful for anyone who wants to understand more about the key skills and abilities in managing individuals and teams and would be particularly pertinent for those who supervise or manage a small group of people, or are considering becoming a manager as the next step in their career.


Working Effectively in a Multicultural and Multi-lingual Environment

Develop Language Competency using an Accelerated Learning Approach and Work Effectively with Language across Cultures.

Discover how you can work effectively with language in a multi-cultural, multi-language group. Experience a short simulation that highlights some key issues in working in multi-language groups and take away a list of best practices and tips in working effectively with language.

Discover universal cultural dimensions that differ from culture about how we relate to time, hierachy, task orientation, individualism, harmony, achievement and communication. Learn how to navigate between your home culture, the organisation's culture, the culture of others, and the culture of the country you are working in.


Command of English
Your professionalism and that of your company is reflected in the way you look and act but also in the way you sound and communicate both in speech and in writing.

  • Learn to avoid common grammatical errors and slang
  • Gain the skills, awareness and techniques to communicate more purposefully
  • Speak more clearly and more confidently
  • Make presentations with confidence and project your voice