Performing well together

A team is a group of people who are collectively responsible for achieving a shared goal.

Teams can be led or self-managing. If one member fails then it can hinder the achievement of the collective goal. If the members do not support the leader, then the task can fail.

Even if the members fulfill their individual roles but don't work synergically or collaboratively, then they may not fulfill their potential or achieve as much as they could.

The most important foundation you can lay, when building better collective performance, is that of common understanding, commitment to the shared goal, and agreement on how to work together.

Team building is the process of building a good team - ie: one that performs well together.

In order to decide the best way to embark on a team building programme, you should first be able to see the difference between a group, a team and a good team.

If you do team building with groups (rather than teams) it can be counterproductive, sacrificing individual performance for no real collective benefit.

Habiba Balogun Consulting offers skilled and facilitation of team building events, whether it is part of:

  • Your employee engagement and communication strategy
  • Building a new goal-focused team as part of a strategy session
  • Annual social event to reward and motivate employees and enhance team spirit
  • Trouble-shooting team dynamics and friction in a constructive manner


Habiba Balogun Consulting will also help your team avoid some team/committee complexes that inhibit collective performance, and sometimes cause failure. A Team Complex is team dynamic, a hidden force, that operates within a team. Whilst some team dynamics can help team performance, a team complex is a potential dysfunction.

It can prevent a team from adapting, and from responding appropriately to certain situations.

The Apollo syndrome is where highly intelligent people perform worse when working together than 'less able' members. GroupThink is where individuals strive to conform to the prevailing thought process or decisions within the group, at the expense of feelings of individual responsibility or personal views.

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