Your people are your business, HR issues that affect your success

"People are our greatest assets" is a refrain that companies have been singing for many years, but is often not aligned with their policies and their actions with the resultant problems.

Habiba Balogun consulting can assist you in managing the most important asset in your business in such a way that People remain the cornerstone, or the enablers, or the drivers of your business.

Consult us -

Whether you are a new company wishing to establish your Human Resources Department, or to develop a staff handbook and basic processes.

Whether you are a start up business about to institutionalise and therefore needing to structure HR process to be independent of individual and part of 'the way we do things around here'.

Whether you are an established business wishing to minimize staff issues, or maximize staff involvement and productivity.

People management need not be a headache or a burden. Learn how to convert it to pleasure and an asset.

Make your motivated staff and the retention of your good performers your own differentiating factor.

Develop your interpersonal skills, supervisory skills, and workplace coaching and mentoring skills, and the impact on your productivity and profitability!