Manage Diversity or it will MISMANAGE you!

A diverse world, multi-cultural employees, multiple locations, multi-lingual, assorted backgrounds: SINGLE GOAL

Employers and managers recognise the need to manage the ever increasing diversity of their workforce and conflicts that arise as a result of the differences.

Many businesses also acknowledge that they need a diverse workforce to compete and perform effectively with the wide range of work locations, clients, governments, and a multicultural general public.

Habiba Balogun Consulting helps you become aware of what specific challenges you and/or your business face in your interactions with the world, learn the skills and tools to manage those differences for mutual benefit, and embed inclusion in your practices for ongoing or institutionalised diversity management and equal opportunity. Awareness of the legal requirements in this respect is also part of the service. Most importantly, Diversity and Inclusion, is a major factor in Employee Motivation & Employee Satisfaction. It cannot be divorced from true acceptance and adoption of your stated values by employees and through them your customers. Where businesses are able to create an enabling inclusive environment for their staff and customers, research indicates that it translates directly to bottomline profitability.

Habiba Balogun Consulting will assist you with:

  • Understanding the current demographics of your employee and customer pool
  • Appreciating market realities and trends related to diversify that will affect your business
  • Analysing your diversity profile and diversity issues
  • Developing Inclusion strategies and tactics that are relevant, specific and easy to implement and tied to your goals


For participants, engagement and training will provide meaningful relevant content and impactful delivery that will assist them in:

  • Tying diversity and inclusion to their individual roles.
  • Understanding why inclusion is a critical success factor.
  • Leveraging diversity for better problem solving
  • Learning how to lead a diverse team, be valued team member, and satisfy multicultural and multilingual customers.
  • Greater understanding of themselves, their thinking, attitudes, behaviours, and reactions in multicultural situations, and how it impacts the result that they want to achieve.


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